vanessa espirito santo

About Me

Born and raised in a little village not very far from Lisbon, I had a happy childhood, full of freedom and fun.

At 18, I moved to Lisbon to get my Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, which I completed in 2010. I started working right away as a customer assistant in a bank - CGD, SA. Most of that time I was also studying by night to get 2 more Post Graduates in Finance and Accounting.

In 2016, I decided to pursue other passions of mine: living abroad and learning how to code. I got a VISA to Australia and off I went! My year in Australia was golden. I found a new job in a small medical recruiting company where I converted from being an office assistant to a junior developer when I volunteered to do a new website for the company. From this time and up until the end of 2018, I travelled and worked remotely across the globe.

Since 2017, when I started the journey of coding on my own, I kept on exploring lots of online tutorials and courses. In 2020, I took a step further and decided to attend an intensive 9-week web dev bootcamp at Le Wagon Lisbon. This was a way of learning Ruby more in depth and strengthening my technical skills.

After the bootcamp I also became a certified OutSystems Web Developer and am currently working as an OutSystems Developer.

In 2021 I'm focusing on becoming a better and more experienced developer. I took another OutSystems certification - Mobile Specialist Developer - and I'm already thinking on the next one!